Haunted Lands progress

As some might noticed I recently published a game called Chromatic Fantasy, a puzzle game that I've been working on for some time even before Haunted Lands was created. So now that I'm mostly done with it, I'll hopefully have more free time to work on expanding Haunted Lands.  Which doesn't mean that I wasn't working on it previously. In fact quite a few assets were created, gameplay polished and new monsters added. Their number now more than 3 times exceeds the original release and then there are elite variations as well . Some of that progress I want to show in this devlog update.

All shown below images and video are examples of game elements which are work in progress. Also some of them might been seen previously on my twitter.

The graveyard:

More of graveyard & Sorceress chain lightnings

Cursed treasury:

Dragonblood enrage:


Some examples of artifacts (formerly known as talismans, might be changed again). Currently 3 types are developed: white artifacts enhance characters basic abilities and stats, blue artifacts add new properties for existing mechanics, yellow artifacts can significantly change gameplay.

That's all for today. As always, feedback is appreciated. If you are interested in learning more about the game state, let me know.

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На днях Джон Ромеро выпустил Big Box издание, в которое входят все 9 официальных игр. В том числе и новый ремейк первой части. Твоя игра заслуживает быть 10-й. Будем следить за разработкой и ждать релиз. :)

Отличные новости! Головоломку добавил в список желаемого, обязательно поддержу гривной. ;) А Haunted Lands тоже планируется в Steam?

План таков - сначала выпустить демо версию (по объему эта демо версия будет намного больше изначального релиза игры) на бесплатных площадках, в том числе здесь. Дальше посмотрим по ситуации.

very good

Wow, your gore-effects are simply top-notch, absolutely stunning! And I like the idea of artifacts to enhance the player's abilities. I can't wait for the next version to try. Fantastic work!