WIP: new enemies, abilities and more

Some additions for the next game version:


As you can see in the video, I've added few basic monster variations (and will be adding more). In the current version of the game, Episode Alpha aka EA, many encounters include fighting several tough monsters simultaneously which can result in unavoidable damage and also promotes using special attack as the preferable way to deal with the enemies. Adding more common enemies will allow to make diverse and more balanced encounters where 1 or 2 tough enemies provide major threat and several common ones support them. New tough enemies are also in plans.

Enemies concept art, WIP.


There are some changes to playable character abilities. Hunters can now reload on the move. It's a bit slower than reloading while standing still, jumping and dodge roll still interrupts it. New ability allows using some special meter to boost an attack. Hunters can boost charged attack to instantly load it and increase its range. Beasts boost normal attack to double the damage and range.

Other things to mention

New graveyard location, dynamic background elements, positional audio.

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I'm glad you're still working on this gem of a game! The new features look fantastic, animations are top-notch! I love the shotgun-special attack. And the beast is awesome! Great work!

Thank you for your support!