Haunted Lands WIP: Sorceress test

First gameplay video of a new playable character:

Sorceress abilities to levitate and blink through the walls make her very mobile. She has 4 levels of attack power and rechargeable force shield. Her strength is limited by mana which she needs to use all her abilities. Also without her shield sorceress dies in 1 hit.

The video also shows some progress on creating buffed "elite" versions of regular enemies.

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Any chance of this continuing?

Working on it. Recoded some game systems, made some changes to existing characters and added 2 new ones, added a couple of new monsters. 

Still a lot of things to do.

Alevgor, man! I did not know about this platform and i made this acc just to tell you that i bought "Haunted Lands" because you managed to bring back my childhood with this view of the game. You did such a good job recreating the game by it's original and i was blown away. I am happy to support you and see all the good ideas you have and i wish i could know what you know to make such things like you did. Congrats for this and i hope you continue the game and you see this message. Thank you very much!

Hey, thank you for the kind words and for your support!

God in heaven, that game looks so polished already! Fantastic work, as always! Can't wait! :)