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Four elemental dragons are trying escape from the enchanted labyrinth under the Wizard's tower. Behind this unpretentious plot and bright, colorful appearance hides a challenging puzzle game that requires careful consideration of each move.


  • Every chamber of the dungeon is a unique puzzle with rather simple rules and non-trivial solution. Like chess puzzles, they require thinking through actions several moves ahead, reverting to previous positions and trying different approaches.
  • The player-controlled dragons and objects on the levels interact differently depending on their color. Color of objects can be changed with special chromatic ink, which adds complexity and depth to the puzzles.
  • Map of the dungeon - underground maze with branching paths and secret chambers hidden behind illusionary walls.
  • Precious artefacts, valuable treasures and peculiar objects are scattered throughout dusty dungeon chambers and unexplored caves. Look around and discover things that will come in handy on your adventures.
  • Rescued prisoners of the dungeon, the legendary magical creatures, will help with completing difficult puzzles. If you can find them.

Game is planned for release in august 2021. If you are interested in the game, try the demo. It includes 6 levels demonstrating various puzzle elements. 

Install instructions

Download and run  Chromatic_Fantasy_Demo.exe. 


Chromatc_Fantasy_Demo.exe 36 MB

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